First-hand reports

First-hand reports

This section contains reports from pupils, trainee and in–service teachers. These may be of interest to you if you are considering changing careers, or simply want to know more about what life is like in a different profession.

Paths into Teacher Training

All kinds of roads lead to teaching
Musician or Teacher? Or both?
From a Career in Nursing to Trainee Teacher: the right way to go?
From commercial clerk to teacher
Attending a teacher-training college as a single mother: It was worth it!

The First Few Years in the Job

Off to school with a smile every morning
Life as a second-year trainee-teacher

At the Chalkface

Work in school is getting more and more difficult
Donīt stop believing in the young
Teaching at a lower secondary school - and enjoying
Ten golden rules for (would-be) teachers

Gaining Experience Abroad

Spending a year abroad as a student: a decision and its consequences
Impressions of Norway
A stint in Thailand as a private primary school teacher
Four years in Mexico City - as an aid worker
Ciao, bella Sicilia!
Seize the opportunity

Careers in Education

How I came to join the ranks of the teachers
Only yesterday I was a trainee - today I train people myself

From Teacher Training to a Career in Business

My final thesis as a springboard into the private sector
From trainee teacher to coach - thatīs how it happened
Teaching children simply wasnīt my thing

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Why I am still teaching
Sometimes I am proud of myself and of my work
School takes it out of you - A committed lower secondary school teacher looks back
The Old Life and the New